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CommonBond integrates seamlessly with your sales process, helping you close deals and get paid quickly.

The integration of OpenSolar and CommonBond provides highly competitive financing rates with a simple, frictionless application and approval process for you and your customers - all within your solar proposal.

Some of the benefits of this integration include:

  • Give your customer near-instant pre-approval decisions with only a soft credit pull right from the proposal, and the e-signature tools to close the deal right there.

  • Automatically pull in the latest rates and pricing, so you’re always showing your customer up-to-date information​

  • Seamless experience for you and your customers with access to CommonBond's U.S.-based care team for real-time support via text, phone, email, and chat

Time to Shine

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Get an end-to-end walk through of the CommonBond integration from Chris

About CommonBond:

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CommonBond, a leading Fintech lender, now offers residential solar financing to help more people save on their cost of electricity and reduce their carbon footprint. For more information, visit