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Opensolar And Lg Announce Partnership To Improve The Customer Experience In Selling Lg Products In Australia

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, May 27, 2019 - LG Solar™, the Solar Division of LG Electronics Australia and OpenSolar, have today announced their partnership in a bid to more rapidly transition the nation to solar powered energy.LG is an innovator and supports its dealers

  • LG needed high quality sales software to match its award winning hardware

  • LG premium panels can now be accurately described to Australian customers digitally

“The software developed by OpenSolar allows intuitive design and superior systems that help our dealers save time and provide a better service to their customers” said Markus Lambert – LG General Manager Solar and Energy.

“Australia has some of the greatest solar resources in the world, so it makes sense to partner with a leading solar panel manufacturer like LG” said OpenSolar Cofounder Andrew Birch.

The partnership was announced just as OpenSolar launched Australia’s first free system design toolkit for LG Sales Dealers, making design and installation easier, cheaper and more time efficient.

“Using the OpenSolar design and solar business management tool made panel placement easier than ever and saved an incredible amount of admin time, covering the end-to-end customer process. It’s simple, intuitive and free – this could be a total game changer for the industry” said LG Dealer Graham Bidgood.

“LG Solar has a 75 strong partner network who will benefit from providing end customers with the key solar data to help make an informed decision and choose a quality solution” said Markus.




Maaike Gobel

Head of Partnerships, OpenSolar


Markus Lambert

General Manager Solar and Energy, LG Electronics Australia


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