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Finally, it's here! SolarAPP Launch Day

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

It's official, the White House has launched SolarAPP today, July 15th, to bring you the new national standard in automated permitting! I'm incredibly grateful to all those who helped me make this happen alongside such a passionate and hardworking committee.

Hear the SolarAPP Story

It's a great day for Solar in the USA thanks in large part to our co-founder Andrew Birch ('Birchy'). Here he explains the significance of today's announcement by the Department of Energy at the White House. With SolarAPP, plus the OpenSolar platform and our on-demand permitting packages, you're looking at one of the fastest and most affordable ways to get your permitting process done right.

Streamline Solar Permitting.

NREL’s free, online SolarAPP cuts down the solar permitting process by at least 5-10 business days with standardized requirements and instant compliance checks. This means less waiting and more solar. Learn more at

How to get SolarAPP in your area

  1. Share information with your networks about SolarAPP

  2. Refer local building department contacts to get info and register at

  3. Register for an account at so you are ready to use SolarAPP

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