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Pioneers of Remote Solar Design Technology Introduce

Advanced Solar Software App, Entirely Free

to Accelerate World’s Transition to Solar Power

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, May 21, 2019 – New solar software company, OpenSolar, announced today the launch of the world’s first free, end-to-end solar enterprise application, setting the stage for the next phase of growth for rooftop solar globally. The mission-driven team’s intent behind offering the software app entirely for free is to help solar professionals drastically increase their business efficiencies and as a result, drive an upsurge in solar adoption. The white-label app provides solar professionals around the world with a sophisticated yet easy to use software tool that services their end-to-end business process needs, from marketing and lead management, to solar system design, sales, installation, and service. Developed by solar industry veterans, Adam Pryor and Andrew Birch, the tool leverages over 25 years of combined experience working directly with installers and end-customers. Birch and Pryor first teamed up in 2007 to introduce the solar industry’s first remote solar design software, widely regarded as an industry-transforming innovation.

“OpenSolar is the next generation of solar software, with interactive online proposals, full 3D site modelling, battery simulation, data uploads from the job site, integrated CRM and workflow tools, and automation every step of the way,” said Adam Pryor, OpenSolar’s Co-Founder.

The OpenSolar platform includes the following functionality:

  • A cloud-based app with a mobile-friendly operating environment to manage business from any device in office or in the field

  • “SolarTouch” technology for high-speed mobile and tablet design in-field, with rich 3D design tools and automation

  • Interactive customer proposals with rich and configurable content, including videos and customer education tools for solar power and battery storage

  • Full customer management enterprise software, with one-click communication, document management and digital signatures

  • White-label, available in any region and currency globally, for solar professionals to upload and brand as their own

  • 24-hour online support centre with education tools and best-practice sharing to support new and existing solar professionals

“The advent of low-cost solar and battery hardware is transforming the energy industry, but in order to meet climate goals, sales need to grow even faster and more efficiently over the critical next two decades,” said Andrew Birch, OpenSolar Co-Founder. “And that’s where OpenSolar comes in. With OpenSolar’s app, solar professionals can access the world’s most advanced digital toolkit for solar sales, to manage their entire end-to-end customer journey and drive major efficiencies into their business,” Birch continued. “And we’re making it available completely free, and on any device, for users around the world.”

About OpenSolar

OpenSolar is the world’s first free, end-to-end, solar design and sales application, providing solar professionals with a highly sophisticated, yet easy to use software tool that services their end-to-end needs, from marketing and lead management to solar system design, sales, installation, and service. OpenSolar also provides a paid bespoke-software service for solar manufacturers and solar finance companies to better serve their dealer networks. Adam Pryor and Andrew Birch, OpenSolar’s co-founders, are solar industry veterans and pioneers of solar innovation who are on a determined mission to accelerate the world’s transition from fossil fuels to solar energy.  For more information, visit

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Link to Press Release PDF - May 21st, 2019


SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, May 27, 2019 - LG Solar™, the Solar Division of LG Electronics Australia and OpenSolar, have today announced their partnership in a bid to more rapidly transition the nation to solar powered energy.

  • LG is an innovator and supports its dealers

  • LG needed high quality sales software to match its award winning hardware

  • LG premium panels can now be accurately described to Australian customers digitally

“The software developed by OpenSolar allows intuitive design and superior systems that help our dealers save time and provide a better service to their customers” said Markus Lambert – LG General Manager Solar and Energy.

“Australia has some of the greatest solar resources in the world, so it makes sense to partner with a leading solar panel manufacturer like LG” said OpenSolar Cofounder Andrew Birch.  

The partnership was announced just as OpenSolar launched Australia’s first free system design toolkit for LG Sales Dealers, making design and installation easier, cheaper and more time efficient.

“Using the OpenSolar design and solar business management tool made panel placement easier than ever and saved an incredible amount of admin time, covering the end-to-end customer process. It’s simple, intuitive and free – this could be a total game changer for the industry” said LG Dealer Graham Bidgood.

“LG Solar has a 75 strong partner network who will benefit from providing end customers with the key solar data to help make an informed decision and choose a quality solution” said Markus.


Maaike Gobel: Head of Partnerships, OpenSolar


Markus Lambert: General Manager Solar and Energy , LG Electronics Australia


Link to Press Release PDF, May 27th, 2019