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  • Reflecting on a year+ of integrated financing with Sungage on OpenSolar

    Sungage’s integrated financing solution helps bridge the gap as solar sale value propositions change OpenSolar launched a partnership with Sungage Financial in the Fall of 2021 to bring an innovative integrated finance and design solution to residential solar installers across the United States. Since launch, hundreds of installers have activated the integration. The Sungage-OpenSolar integration helps installers streamline design, sales proposals, and financing applications all in one place – saving time, data re-entry, and the need to switch between multiple platforms to close a sale. A lot has changed since the launch. 2022 was a year of economic variability in the U.S., with interest rate changes, inflation, utility costs rising across the country, and a spike in mortgage rates. Meanwhile, it was also a landmark year for climate legislation with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Throughout these changes, the Sungage–OpenSolar integration remains a powerful sales tool for helping more homeowners realize their solar and energy autonomy. 2023 marks a new era of residential solar sales Economic angst and fears over a recession may give homeowners pause when considering if now is the right time to go solar or invest in energy storage. In reality, there’s never been a better time to make the switch! Why? Energy prices and utility rates continue to rise across the country. Solar and storage solutions provide energy autonomy to consumers, especially in inversely impacted markets like the Northeast, Hawaii, and Texas (and now, consumers in California impacted by NEM 3.0 changes). While the days of “0% loans” are something of the past, solar loans can still “lock in” an attractive alternative to monthly utility bills. With solar financing, customers can access consistent monthly payments, with a zero-down commitment. The solar industry continues to ride the wave of the IRA. The 30% Federal ITC is locked in for the next 10 years. Plus, there are new opportunities for solar + storage projects with the new storage investment tax credit, which now allows for standalone batteries. A powerful sales and proposal tool meets consumer-friendly and flexible financing With so much in flux on the “solar coaster,” Sungage and OpenSolar are here to help make solar installers’ lives easier. Sungage offers a wide range of flexible APRs and terms and is known for best-in-class customer service. Our team of dedicated Solar Finance Specialists (SFS) is experienced in getting projects to “notice to proceed” (NTP). Plus, they’re available to help homeowners throughout the entire financing process, from approval to energization. The Sungage–OpenSolar integration is free to all Sungage-approved installers, and getting started is easy. The integration automatically updates and manages solar loan APRs and pricing, so solar pros can be sure they’re always pulling from the most up-to-date Sungage solar loans. This helps pros focus on selling, knowing OpenSolar's back-end is doing all the compliance and entry work. With Sungage’s flexible credit application, homeowners can apply for financing in person or after a site visit with the shareable proposal feature. Once a customer is approved for financing within the OpenSolar platform, Sungage’s customer service becomes an extension of the installer partner’s team. Outlook for 2023 Despite bumps in the road, the year looks bright for residential solar and storage. Sungage and OpenSolar provide a unique combination of technological innovation and human touch – both of which are required to close a solar sale and provide a great customer experience. Providing streamlined, integrated solutions is a key priority for us at Sungage to help the solar pros we work with excel – while helping more homeowners go solar. The ongoing platform innovations we see from the OpenSolar team are impressive. Our integration provides a cost-effective option to help solar pros meet the ever-growing solar and energy storage demands of 2023 and beyond. Getting started with OpenSolar is quick, easy, and free. Sungage partners can activate financing within OpenSolar by contacting their account manager. Installers not yet partnered with Sungage can fill out this form to get started. Not using OpenSolar’s design and proposal software - offered completely free of charge? Create your account.

  • Offset the effects of NEM3.0 with SolarApp+ automated permitting

    With the news of NEM 3.0 legislation in CA we have a seriously negative hit to the economics of solar in the largest US market - just when we should be ramping up under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Here’s an important solution for all US installers to be aware of: SolarAPP+. SolarAPP is the new national standard digital permitting process that automates permitting, saving you thousands of dollars per install in cities that have adopted, so you can maintain the economics to the customer and build margins. We need this across the US now to de-risk net metering. The legends at CALSSA just released this great 2 pager summarizing the new CA legislation - signed into law in 2022 - with what you can do as an installer to sign up. Register for an account and get started. Not a California resident? You can bring SolarAPP+ to your jurisdiction for free. If it’s not yet available in your community, you can contact your elected officials to ask for its implementation (it’s free!). California cities have until September this year to adopt SolarAPP (smaller <50,000 resident cities have an extra year), so this can help many CA businesses lower their cost base in 2023 just as NEM 3.0 rolls out. CALSSA estimate $1-5k savings per project, but I started SolarAPP+ 5 years ago because I’ve seen lower project costs in the $10,000s from automating permitting in multiple other countries! I think this will get the cost base to well under $2 per watt in the US. And I passionately believe we deserve this easy, low-cost, fast process to make growing your install business easier. Now’s the time to make it happen! You won't even need net metering anymore. IRA + SolarAPP + OpenSolar = Massive sustainable growth for US solar. Please join CALSSA and support them with your membership dollars to help them help your city migrate quickly to help you benefit: Curious to learn more about how to navigate NEM3 and win? Join our upcoming live webinars to see OpenSolar's leading NEM3 and battery modeling functionality up close with our partners.

  • Everyone Should Participate in the Transition to Solar

    In just five short years since launch, OpenSolar has become the world’s number one choice by solar professionals for system design and selling. As a mission-driven company, it’s incumbent upon us to share some of our success with underserved communities whose lives can also benefit from the transition to clean, reliable solar energy. That’s why OpenSolar is committing 1% of our annual revenues to projects that provide solar energy to vulnerable communities worldwide. We will be working with Empowered by Light, our non-profit partner, to carry out these projects. Each year, we will choose a collection of projects to install solar and storage technologies for vulnerable communities and people living on the front lines of climate change. For 2023, we have chosen the villages of Undi and Chutika in southern Zambia, where people walk between 200 and 600 feet per trip multiple times a day to collect water from the river for crop irrigation, sanitation, and drinking. This burden severely limits crop yield and quality of life, and continually exposes community members to dangerous encounters with crocodiles and hippos. With our 1% Commitment, we are installing solar-powered water pumps, irrigation and storage facilities in order to create a safer and more prosperous environment for the people of Undi and Chutika. This video lays out the problem we’re addressing, and the impact we expect it will have. Indeed, the impact that the solar industry can have on communities like this is profound, which is why we are inviting our partners and our solar installer community to participate in our 2023 project! To our esteemed partners, we invite you to contribute to the solar electrification of the two schools and health clinics at Undi and Chutika. Your donations in money and/or hardware will be deployed by Empowered by Light, and content will be produced from those deployments that you in turn can use to communicate with your stakeholders. To our solar installer community, we invite you to donate just US$10/month to Empowered by Light. In return, you will receive a compelling new exhibit in all of your solar proposals that shows your customers that you’re a company that cares, thus building your brand and improving your sales conversion. Here’s just some of the great content that your customers will see in your proposals: As the world accelerates its transition to solar energy, we believe that nobody should be left behind. That’s why you’ll see our 1% commitment grow and grow to support communities all over the world in the years to come. Please join us.

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  • Solar Design And Proposal Software | OpenSolar

    The world's leading solar design and proposal software Free of charge so you're free to grow Learn more Our new 1 % Commitment supports vulnerable communities with Solar Learn more The fastest, most accurate 3D designs Customizable interactive online or PDF proposals High sales conversion with in-app integrated finance API works with your existing systems Learn about all features No licensing or subscription fees. No seat limits. No design caps. No lengthy contracts. Just class-leading software, free-of-charge. We're obsessed with making solar professionals successful. That's why our system is designed to work around you and your business. OpenSolar around the world Solar professionals from 130+ countries use OpenSolar to help run their businesses Solar professionals from 130+ countries use OpenSolar to help run their businesses Map data ©2022 Google Why choose OpenSolar 3D Design, Leading Accuracy The fastest, simplest and most accurate 3D design tool available, making your proposals reliable and bankable from the office and in the field. two cogs Open API Integrate your existing CRM and business tools with our class-leading platform. Work the way you want to work. Proposals that Sell Fully customizable, interactive proposals online or as a PDF. 24% sale conversion drawn from experience selling 10,000's of systems, face-to-face and over the phone. End-to-end Software Built-in CRM, digital scheduling, real-time customer alerts, hardware catalogs, on-demand permitting and e-signatures. Integrated Finance Partners Effortless selection and integration of your chosen finance providers with in-app real-time approvals, making selling easier than ever. Free of Charge All of this, for free, for all users, forever. Testimonials Casey Coffman Laibach Solar California, USA “We were paying thousands of dollars per year on a design tool that was way slower and less accurate. Now all of our team use OpenSolar for designs, proposals and managing our installs, for FREE - it's also really cool that we can brand the whole experience for our customers." Kane Hinchliffe RACV Solar Victoria, Australia ‘’Time kills deals and processing finance applications manually is brutal on sales momentum. Since embedding our preferred finance products directly into our OpenSolar proposals, we've probably shaved 30 minutes off of every financed project and our sales reps and customers love how easy it is to apply and sign right there on the spot.’’ Richard Cromarty JPS Renewable Energy Rochester, England ‘’We’re delighted that we finally have a design tool that matches our desire to provide a personalised service to our clients and manage the whole process from design to installation, end to end.’’ Trusted by our leading global partners Learn more about our partners Dedicated mobile apps Design and sell directly from the field on our dedicated mobile apps.

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