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  • A Truly Historic Moment in the USA

    I lived and worked on Solar in the USA for a third of my life. I co-founded a solar company that grew to be one of the largest installers in the country. I rode that solar coaster and experienced crazy highs and heartbreaking lows. I love the USA, I love the fact that OpenSolar serves so many heroic American installers, and I’m deeply passionate about American leadership in solar electrification. One of the things that’s always driven me crazy about the US market is the incredibly complex and various ways that solar permitting is done around the country. It’s slow and bureaucratic and drives up the soft costs to make solar in the US way more expensive per watt than any other market in the world. So I founded SolarAPP+ which has now been embraced by the US government and is starting to roll out to jurisdictions across the country. It completely streamlines the process by automating plan review, permit approval, and project tracking. It standardizes up to 90% of standard system plans. Along with my friends and teammates, I’ve poured my heart and soul into the American solar market, which is why today I can scarcely believe the new Inflation Reduction Act that President Biden just signed into law. It’s a truly historic moment, and the American solar electrification market is now set for massive growth and potential world leadership in the deployment of clean tech. Just look at some of the contents! The Solar ITC Increase The Solar Investment Tax Credit has been increased from 26% to 30%. The 30% applies to both business and residential projects, including projects installed in 2022, and will last until the end of 2032. Energy Storage Projects Now Eligible for Tax Credit Energy storage projects were previously ineligible for tax credits unless they were connected directly to solar power projects. The Inflation Reduction Act removes these requirements, and allows energy storage projects to receive the same 30% tax credit, even if they are stand-alone facilities. Batteries connected to a solar power project will continue to qualify for the credit. More Upcoming Tax Credits and Rebates That’s just the start - here’s what else: Tax credits for EV's: $7,500 Tax credits for used EV's: $4,000 Tax rebate for heat pump: $8,000 Tax rebate for heat pump water heater: $1,750 Tax rebate for heat pump clothes dryer: $840 Tax rebate for for electrical panel upgrade for new appliances: $4,000 What’s Next for the Industry? We can now see a fairly immediate future where solar professionals in the USA and around the world will become solar electrification professionals, helping homeowners and businesses fully electrify, ensuring that older, inefficient fossil fuel burning machines can be stripped out and replaced with electric versions. Our incredible finance partners will be there to help make these solutions affordable from day one. And OpenSolar will be there too. Of course, you can already give your proposals on OpenSolar a boost by updating your ITC incentive to 30%, and you can already create battery only proposals. But there’s a lot more OpenSolar functionality on its way that will enable solar professionals to truly harness the enormous economic growth opportunity that the Inflation Reduction Act represents. As an industry, we now have everything we need to electrify America - the government incentives and the tools like OpenSolar and SolarAPP+. Let’s truly make this historic moment count for our communities, for our families and for our one and only planet Earth. Have a sunny day. Yours truly, Birchy

  • Come meet our new features

    Welcome to OS 2.5.0 We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to share what we’ve built with your help. Saving time and minimizing mistakes while working on your projects just got a lot simpler on OpenSolar! You can now easily define default contracts per payment types, apply a different contract on a per system x payment option basis, automatically archive discontinued finance products from your OS account with a click of a button and stay compliant with the latest 2022 CA consumer protection guide (*for CA solar professionals only). We hope you enjoy these updates and are able to make use of them as best fits your business. Explore what your OpenSolar account can now do for you below! Save time (and worries!) by setting default contracts per payment type for your customers. Say goodbye to manually applying contracts on each proposal based on what payment type your customer is quoted - now OpenSolar will automatically apply the right contract to the proposals. Moreover, you can also apply a different contract on each system and payment option combination quoted to your customer. Please check our help center for a tour of this new feature. For Australia and the United States only. Finance providers' interest rates, fees, and terms are changing constantly in today’s market. Never miss a step and make sure all your proposals are presenting accurate, up-to-date and available finance products with our improved finance payment options refreshing functionality that auto-archives discontinued payment options from your OpenSolar account. To ensure you’re always selling current, accurate finance products, go to Control > Pricing & Payments > Payment Options and click ‘Refresh’ on the appropriate finance partner. In addition, consider checking out our help center for a tour of our bulk update functionality to ensure your existing projects are updated. *Action Required - for CA solar professionals only Stay compliant and minimize business operating risks by including the 2022 CA Consumer Protection Guide (CPG) in all of your appropriate CA contracts. Please watch this 20 second video to ensure you have selected the 2022 CA CPG. Other Enhancements There are a wide range of other improvements for your use, available now. See the full release notes for more information. As always, our focus is on your success. We’re very grateful for the feedback you provide, and I hope that you can see how much we listen to your needs, and constantly evolve our software to meet them. If you ever have any questions, please contact us at Have a sunny day, Gagan Product Manager, OpenSolar

  • June 2022 Integrated Finance Data

    Most solar customers are first-time solar customers, so the whole process of purchasing a solar system can be pretty scary. They’ve bought a car before, they’ve bought a house before, but they’re in uncharted water with solar, so you need to look for every opportunity to make the purchase experience as simple and easy as possible - OpenSolar’s integrated finance feature helps you do just that! Top Five States Same as last month, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and California are topping the charts with the highest percentages of sales financed. Joining the ranks this month is New York, displacing New Jersey by a narrow margin. Most Popular Product Type - and selling in a rising rate/inflationary environment The 25 year 1.99% loan reigns supreme as the most popular product, but we’ve seen an increase in 25 year 2.99% loans. This is no surprise as solar loan fees increase in line with interest rates across the economy. Homeowners have eyes and ears and know that interest rates are increasing everywhere, so a customer who may have been skeptical of a 2.99% rate 3 months ago is likely to be much more accepting today. This is even more true given continued high levels of inflation. With energy prices increasing 20% year-over-year, the opportunity to save your customer money is even greater, even with a higher interest rate loan. One thing to keep in mind is that interest rate increases have a bigger effect on longer loan terms: Increasing the interest rate from 1.99% to 2.99% increases the monthly payment on a 25 year loan by about 11.9% - on a 20 year loan it increases by 9.6% and on a 10 year loan by only 4.9%. Finance vs Non-Financed System Prices Once again, we saw significantly higher ticket sizes for financed projects. As more and more projects include storage or other secondary products, ticket sizes go up, and having an easy financing solution at your disposal will allow your customer to make the investment more easily. Credit Application to Decision As always, we saw customers move very quickly through the finance approval process on OpenSolar. In June, it took an average of only 6 minutes and 1 second to complete a solar credit application and an average of only 47 seconds for one of our finance partners to make a decision once the customer hit “Submit”. Less than 7 minutes to go from “Yeah, let’s do this!” to having a firm financing approval in hand. Summary Even as interest rates, finance continues to be a great tool to enable homeowners to say “yes” to solar, and OpenSolar’s integrated finance offerings make it as easy as possible for you to quote and close financing by keeping your rates and fees up to date on the back end and providing a simple, streamlined and intuitive application experience for your customer, embedded right in your proposal. We’ll run the numbers each month and bring you insights on what we’re seeing. If your solar business is on OpenSolar, then we’re psyched to support you! But if you’re not yet using the integrated finance feature, we urge you to consider it as the next step of your journey on our platform. It’s delivering substantial benefits to those who are. Happy selling! Joe Abel Head of Product

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  • OpenSolar & IronRidge | OpenSolar

    & Save your spot for a live demo or book a time with us directly if you can't join. Book the place to not miss event Book the time here if you cannot be with us, and we will connect remotely

  • Global Partners | OpenSolar

    Our Partners With the support of our partners, you're able to integrate your tools and customize your all-in-one experience on OpenSolar's platform. For partnership inquiries, contact: Filter list by Product arrow&v Reset Panasonic For over 100 years Panasonic has been evolving energy for better living. Now their EverVolt™ Total Home Solar Energy System delivers the next generation of best-in-class solar and battery storage in one high-powered bundle. All backed by a comprehensive 25-year warranty on solar panels and 10 years on battery storage from one of America’s most trusted brands. Available in United States Product(s) Modules, Batteries Visit their website Learn more Trina Solar Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is the world leading PV and smart energy total solution provider. The company engages in PV products R&D, manufacture and sales; PV projects development, EPC, O&M; smart micro-grid and multi-energy complementary systems development and sales, as well as energy cloud-platform operation. In 2018, Trina Solar launched Energy IoT brand, established the Trina Energy IoT Industrial Development Alliance together with leading enterprises and research institutes in China and around the world, and founded the New Energy IoT Industrial Innovation Center. With these actions, Trina Solar is committed to working with its partners to build the energy IoT ecosystem and develop an innovation platform to explore New Energy IoT, as it strives to be a leader in global intelligent energy. In June 2020, Trina Solar listed on the STAR Market of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Available in Australia Product(s) Modules Visit their website Learn more Solaria At Solaria, we're focused on redefining residential solar with breakthrough technology and products. Our patented cell design, superior solar panel architecture and innovative assembly techniques means that Solaria PowerXT® solar panels significantly boost power generation, provide outstanding performance and superior economics. The high-power density of the Solaria PowerXT solar panels maximise power and energy yield on homeowner roofs, and patented shade-resistant technology keeps Solaria PowerXT solar panels performing beyond when other panels have ceased generating power. An American company founded in 2000, Solaria continues to leverage its patented technology, engineering expertise and sophisticated automation into creating one of the most attractive, high power, energy efficient solar panels available on the market today. Available in Australia, United States Product(s) Modules Visit their website Learn more SunPower How do you build a better tomorrow? A spirit of constant improvement has made SunPower by Maxeon Solar Technologies the world-renowned leader in solar innovation. Maxeon designs, manufactures, and sells industry-leading SunPower solar products in more than 100 countries through a network of 1,100 sales and installation partners. Built from 35 years of boundary-pushing solar DNA, Maxeon provides stability to Australian market by operating locally to sell SunPower since 2008 – longer than any other solar manufacturer. Maxeon Solar Technologies is headquartered in Singapore and officially separated from its US-based downstream services business, SunPower Corporation, in 2020. Available in Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Italy Product(s) Modules Visit their website Learn more WINAICO WINAICO Deutschland GmbH was founded in 2008 and since then the WINAICO brand has spread across Europe. In 2012 WINAICO opened offices in the US, Australian and Japanese markets. WINAICO stands for innovation, quality and sustainability. They strongly believe in the potential of solar technology as a major energy source of the future. Since their inception, they’ve been working to promote solar energy all over the world. With their products, they want to contribute to the fight against climate change and make the world a better place. Available in Australia Product(s) Modules Visit their website Learn more SolarEdge SolarEdge’s DC optimised inverter solution maximises power generation while lowering the cost of energy produced by the PV system, for improved Return on Investment. With a standard 12-year warranty (extendable to 25 years) and enhanced safety features such as SafeDC and arc fault detection, SolarEdge has grown to become the most installed single phase residential inverter solution in the world. With a large team of Australian experts, we look forward to supporting your installation requirements. Available in Australia Product(s) Inverters, Batteries Visit their website Learn more Sungrow Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd (“Sungrow”) is the world’s most bankable inverter brand with over 100 GW installed worldwide as of December 2019. Founded in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, Sungrow is a leader in the research and development of solar inverters with the largest dedicated R&D team in the industry and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial & industrial, and residential applications, as well as internationally recognized floating PV plant solutions. As a leader of innovation in the solar industry, Sungrow possesses a dynamic technical R&D team which consists of over 1600 employees. Offering a wide range of solutions and services, Sungrow is committed to providing clean power for all and is steadfast in its efforts to becoming the global leader of clean power conversion technology. Available in Australia Product(s) Inverters Visit their website Learn more Huawei Huawei FusionSolar offers leading Smart PV solutions that harness Huawei's more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology. As the largest inverter supplier from 2015 to 2020 globally for 6 consecutive years, Huawei is committed to building efficient, smart 0&M, safe, reliable and grid supporting PV plants, helping customers to optimise initial investments, raise energy yield, and increase ROI. With the rapid digitalisation of people's daily lives, Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV solutions offer an exceptional user experience through refined safety and a better installation experience. Available in Australia Product(s) Inverters, Batteries Visit their website Learn more FIMER FIMER is the fourth largest solar inverter supplier in the world. Specialising in solar inverters and mobility systems, it has over 1,100 employees worldwide and offers a comprehensive solar solutions portfolio across all applications. FIMER’s skills are further strengthened by its bold and agile approach that sees it consistently invest in R&D. With a presence in 26 countries together with local training centres and manufacturing hubs, FIMER remains close to its customers and the ever-evolving dynamics of the energy industry. Following the acquisition and integration of ABB’s solar inverter business in the first quarter of 2020, and under the umbrella of the renewed FIMER brand, the newly acquired solar inverter portfolio continues to carry the ABB brand under the trademark license agreement. Available in Australia Product(s) Inverters, Batteries Visit their website Learn more Fronius Founded in Austria in 1945, Fronius is a global supplier of quality inverter product. With all product still manufactured in Europe, Fronius is committed to the principles or reliability and flexibility to achieve optimised system design for both residential and commercial purposes. Proudly independent and still family owned, Fronius strives to provide long term energy solutions for a better world, a world where we can generate, distribute, store and consume energy from renewable sources. With easy installation, simple communication interfaces and active cooling to maximise energy harvest, Fronius inverters are perfectly suited for Australian conditions. Available in Australia, New Zealand Product(s) Inverters Visit their website Learn more Qcells Qcells is a renowned total energy solutions provider in solar cell and module, energy storage, downstream project business and energy retail. It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea (Global Executive HQ) and Thalheim, Germany (Technology & Innovation HQ) with operations all over the world. Through its growing global business network spanning Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East, Qcells provides excellent services and long-term partnerships to its customers in the utility, commercial, governmental and residential markets. Available in Australia, United States, New Zealand Product(s) Inverters, Modules, Batteries Visit their website Learn more GoodWe GoodWe is a world-leading PV inverter manufacturer and energy storage solutions provider listed as a public limited company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688390). With an accumulative delivery of more than two million inverters and installation of 23 GW in more than 100 countries, GoodWe solar inverters have been used in residential and commercial rooftops, industrial and utility scale systems and range from 0.7kW to 250kW. GoodWe has more than 2000 employees in 15 different countries and is ranked as the Global No.1 storage inverter by Wood Mackenzie. GoodWe has also been ranked as one of the Top 10 inverter suppliers by IHS Markit and has been awarded the TUV Rheinland ‘All Quality Matters’ Awards for five consecutive years. Available in Australia Product(s) Inverters Visit their website Learn more Prev 1 2 3 4 5 1 ... 1 2 3 4 5 ... 5 Next

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