The App

We’ve launched the most simple, fast and powerful tool for solar professionals ever.  And we’re making it available online as a cloud based app, totally free.

  • Fast and accurate SolarTouch design technology to create beautiful proposals in seconds!

  • Deep 3d modelling tools

  • A modern, digital experience for your customers, with multiple system and finance options, online sales tools and digital product content, plus beautiful configurable PDF proposals

  • A full end-to-end business management toolkit, with CRM to drive business efficiencies, scale and profitability

  • Residential & commercial, solar and battery capability, in all countries, colours, and currencies (or just about all!)

  • All presented in your brand…your very own digital toolkit, all for free!


The “MobileSolar” Operating System 

  • Design, sell, close and manage customers from any device, in-office or in-field

  • Access all your customer information in the cloud, from anywhere

  • Seamlessly transition between your work mode in the App: manage projects, do designs, show customers, control your business

  • Jump between individual project design and presentation mode in a dynamic app that makes selling solar fun and easy (handling the realities of the dynamic customer journey in solar we know and (mostly) love!)

  • 1-click call/text/email from the CRM

  • In-field installation management tools including easy image upload from your phone/tablet

  • Customer viewing in phone-mode, on a tablet, at a desktop or in print - to spread the solar message far and wide


Super-Fast Design ”SolarTouch”

  • Intuitive, accurate and fast: “SolarTouch” design 

  • Fast pitch and azimuth calculator and automated stringing estimates

  • A sophisticated back-end that calculates energy generation, savings, and all the financials, taking you and your customer straight to the answer

  • Configurable system lifetime and escalators, and fast shading settings

  • Multiple, configurable pricing schemes to get the hard work done in advance

  • Project level profitability analysis live as you design, with quick-add adders and discounts to ensure you and your team are hitting target profitability


World-Class 3d Tools

Full 3d modeling and automation

  • Remote online pitch calculation from oblique imagery

  • Roof plane and obstruction setting mode, with automated solar array placement

  • Ability to design and sell commercial systems, up to 1MW

  • Modeling and measurement tool to design the system where no images available


Beautiful Proposals in “My Energy” 

  • Impress customers with a complete digital customer experience, from live design to digital signatures and online payment

  • Your own configurable branded proposals, with color settings, configurable layouts, and personalized content including introductory letters, testimonials and company description.

  • Offer multiple system choices and financing options, with a helpful comparison table and ability to compare lifetime financials for differing warranties between systems

  • Online tools to explain to a new customer how solar systems work, including explaining how battery’s work with solar and with the grid

  • Full financial analysis and environmental benefits presented

  • MyEnergy supports selling everywhere!

    • live with the customer using a tablet or mobile device

    • over the phone, online using screen-share

    • emailed online proposals that customers can look at in their own leisure

    • or with traditional printed/emailed and configurable PDF proposals 


Enhanced Product Detail 

  • An engaging product technology section in online and PDF proposals

  • Videos, spec sheets, product content

  • Financing options, handling cash, loans, lease and PPA’s

  • Ability to upload your own content, and to configure and differentiate your sales proposal

  • Scale and create efficiencies by building templates for customer personas


Energy Analysis & Battery Integration 

  • Ability to enter monthly, daily, quarterly and annual usage, or upload interval data

  • Set weekday/weekend evening/daytime profiles 

  • Offer battery solutions and model energy and financial performance from storage options

  • Show your customers rich time of day and seasonal results for battery, solar and grid supply to seamlessly meet their consumption needs, and compare financial results from different system options.


A Complete Solar CRM 

  • A cloud based Customer Relationship Management tool, to store and access customer information on any device anywhere, designed specifically for our industry

  • 1-click calling, texting and email from CRM to save time and add to safety and speed in the field

  • 1-Click email of your designed proposal to that projects contact emails

  • Full filtering, ranking, tagging, starring to manage and highlight your hot leads and to deal with large numbers of customers

  • Report generation and salesperson allocation/filtering

  • Full work-flow management tool to manage each stage of the solar project, with configurable actions and time-stamping to manage speed and track history

  • Central editable project page with workflow map, customer and project data, and document management, including compliance docs and user manuals in some regions

parallax phone call.png

Solar Business Control

  • Business leadership (‘administrator users’) in each account can set up their teams access and their business settings all from one ‘Control’ zone that only they can access

  • Manage brand collateral, testimonials and business description

  • Select hardware preferences

  • Manage cost, pricing and margin settings

  • Set payment options and finance options

  • Set up standard templates and configure proposals with full contract editor and live feeds to project data

  • Set up your desired workflow and actions required for each stage of the project

  • Personalised contract ‘editor’ to create and manage your own contracts


Online Learning & Support 

  • A complete online help center with videos, FAQs and instructions on all aspects of the tool at

  • Best practice and tips to sell better, including lessons learned across the world and from the co-founders collective 25 years experience selling and installing solar

  • Ask questions, get support and share ideas at the helpcenter

  • So that together we can create the best possible tool to accelerate solar sales globally



For you!
For All Of Us

  • Any country, currency and color you chose - open your free account and upload your brand and you can be generating your own beautiful proposals in minutes

  • Download the app from the AppStore or Google Play for mobile use

  • Update your pricing and hardware selections, use our videos and helpcenter when you need it, and when you’re ready start selling your first systems with OpenSolar

  • The App is available anywhere the sun shines (with internet access!) with the ability to design systems in areas with no imagery if you haven’t yet got imagery in your area

  • If we don’t have all your local electricity tariff’s in our database, you can use our “tariff builder” to create your own 

  • We’re here to help you sell solar, to accelerate the transition to a world powered by solar energy!