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Turnkey on-demand permitting from GreenLancer​

Reduce your soft costs through on-demand, customized permitting packages at prices that average 50% less than the average industry equivalent.

  • Made-to-order engineering services from GreenLancer, the leading provider of permitting packages
  • Order your permitting package straight from OpenSolar based on the design your customer just accepted – no manual entry, no separate workflow
  • Industry-leading turnaround time
  • Streamline your solar permitting process, save time, and reduce soft costs

What the Pros have to say

“I like how OpenSolar is always trying to streamline our processes. For us, getting the permitting process moving fast is really critical. So when we sell a system on OpenSolar, it’s great to be able to pump the design straight into Greenlancer. It’s usually only two days and then we’re submitting for permits.”
David | Black Platinum | Arizona, USA