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The world's fastest, most accurate design technology

Create build-ready proposals in under two minutes, using OpenSolar's class-leading 3D design technology:

  • Automated, fully rendered 3D designs 

  • Enter site address and immediately paint on to-scale panels

  • Pitch, azimuth and shading calculated automatically - with no input from user

  • Customize system and proposal details directly within Design zone

Class-leading 3D solar design software for free

Proven, class-leading accuracy​

Independently verified by a leading US Government agency and leading engineering firm PVEL, OpenSolar's design tool is proven to deliver results you can count on.

  • Photogrammetry-based Digital Surface Map (DSM) technology eliminates the time-intensive and error-prone work of manually building site models

  • Leading shading estimate accuracy verified by a leading US Government agency

  • Performance calculation engine based on the trusted System Advisor Model of a leading US Government agency

  • Trusted design outputs lead to accurate savings values and happy customers

OpenSolar Digital Surface Map technology with leading shading estimates
Most Accurate

Analyze year-round shading​

Our automated shading analysis saves you time and gives you performance values you can trust:

  • Auto-generated and bankable shading analysis values

  • Dynamic solar tracing to model shading impacts through day/month/year

  • Heatmaps and shade reports

  • Sub-panel level shading analysis down to the sub-string to inform optimal equipment configurations

Laptop 01.png
Laptop 02.png

3D tools for every type of project​

The most accurate solar design tool available, with full 3D modeling and automation, now also includes:

  • Ability to design and sell commercial systems

  • Global HD imagery coverage with 3D, 2D or custom properties

  • Built-in modeling and measurement tool to design accurate systems where no imagery is available

  • Roof plane and obstruction setting mode, with automated solar array placement

OpenSolar's solar design tool is the most accurate with full 3D modeling

Looking for more?

Connect with one of our experts to explore custom features and assistance with more complex systems.

What our Pros have to say

Curtis Popko_World's fastest most accurate2.png

Curtis | ARE Solar| Denver, USA

“We're in a super competitive market, and we have to react FAST when we get a customer lead. OpenSolar's design tool means that anyone in our team can create a really accurate design in just a few minutes, and get the proposal out to the customer. It's also good to know that it's the most accurate design tool out there!”

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