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Media Kit

For Solar Pros, partners, or press who need access to our brand elements and guidelines. Please be aware that when you use our assets, you are adhering to our Terms & Conditions.

Feature Highlights


Please refer to the acceptable use cases of the logo styles below. Do not recreate these and only use the logos provided.

Minimum logo width is 50px (0.52 inches/1.3cm)

opensolar website transparent.png

Primary logo

👍 Press releases, Partnership content, announcements, Social media graphics

👎 Dark & Yellow backgrounds, Select merchandise i.e hats & polos

OS logo portrait.png

Stacked logo

👍 Merchandise, Videos, Social network profiles, some marketing assets

👎 Partnership announcements, Press releases, Social media graphics

opensolar website transparent white.png

Logo with white text:

👍 Dark Backgrounds, Social posts

👎 Bright, pastel, and yellow backgrounds.  Select merchandise (same as primary logo)

Color Palette

Primary Colors


Often used as a background color. Rarely a text color.


Often used as a background color. 


Color Palette




Accent color only.

Blue should not be used heavily under any circumstances.

For Solar Pros

We refer to every solar professional using our solar CRM platform as a "Solar Pro". There is no membership subscription to be one of the Pros. 

For Solar Pros

Providing Testimonials

Thank you for providing us with your authentic review of our OpenSolar platform! When sharing your information with us, please send a high resolution profile image, a 1-3 sentence blockquote, and finally, your name, company, and title. 

First Name


Where you're based


Koji | Solar Philippines | Manila, Philippines

“OpenSolar automated our sales process completely, and helped our salespeople close more sales in way less time!”

High resolution image of you facing the camera

Your quote in less than 3 sentences (if possible, 60 words max)

Partner Content

Promotional Video

Our Pro Experience Marketing team will be in contact with collaborators involved in the content production process. For videos uploaded to external PR sites like businesswire, our content is available on vimeo or youtube.

An example of one of our promotional videos with Sungage

Variations of Graphics

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 3.12.47 PM.png



Blog thumbnail

Product shot

Talk with your OpenSolar media representative to discuss partnership marketing details.

Product Shots

Product Shots

See the OpenSolar platform in action on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

OpenSolar dedicated solar design and proposal mobile apps iOS and Android
Online Proposal_E-signature_Product shot1_shadow
Design_Panel placement_Product Shot1
image (6)
Design_Shading analysis_Product shot1
17D_00502 (1)
Tablet view
Dual monitor solar design editing
Solar Pro viewing their projects on the OpenSolar platform
Tablet view of Sungage financing on OpenSolar
Solar Pro creating a solar design
Reviewing Mosaic financing on OpenSolar

Solar Pros in their element

These photographs show our platform in the hands of real solar professionals or their customers. 

Only use these images for OpenSolar related material as these people are our community members.

Brand Guidelines

Latest Update on January 2022

OpenSolar reserves the right to modify, add or remove any content in the guide at any time. 

General Brand Guidelines

Any Questions?

Looking for additional support with our guidelines, graphics, or other requests? Please contact for assistance.

Thank you for sharing OpenSolar with your community!

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