About OpenSolar


We are a mission-driven company, advocating for an accelerated global shift to a 100% solar-powered economy.

Our Co-founders Adam Pryor and Andrew Birch are credited with launching the first online solar proposal worldwide 12 years ago, helping create the innovative US solar company Sungevity, which focused on delivering an amazing customer experience through a digital journey (see the Harvard Business Review article (www.hbr.org/2015/11/competing-on-customer-journeys).

After pioneering solar software design over a decade ago, we’ve learned a lot over 10 years using software to sell and design tens of thousands of solar systems in multiple regions around the world.  We want to share our experience and lessons learned to make the industry successful.

We’ve just launched the OpenSolar App, the most simple, fast and powerful tool for solar professionals ever.  And we’re making it available online to all solar professionals across the globe, totally free.

We’re doing this because we want to accelerate the transition to solar energy globally, and achieve a 100% solar powered economy in a timeframe that can avoid the most destructive elements of climate change – and reduce the extant risk of runway out-of-control climate change that will destroy billions of years of life’s work in the ecosystem around us, and make life worse for generations of humans to come. We’ve been inspired to act by the increasing global movement to create change, and by the powerful voices of the world’s younger generation (and our own kids!)

The solutions are everywhere – and low-cost and abundant solar technology (complemented by its sister technology, storage) is our greatest hope.  It is already winning but we need to remove every single barrier for it to happen in a timeframe that solves for climate change.  One of the biggest barriers we’ve seen in our industry’s ability to scale profitably due to a lack of efficient tools and processes – even with an amazing customer economics available today in most of the worlds end electricity markets.  Another major barrier is the simple fact that end customers simply don’t all know that solar is the lowest cost energy solution in the majority of cases around the world or don’t understand it.  We hope our free white-label app, constantly improving and in the hands of the thousands of amazing solar professionals educating and serving millions of customers, can get us there in time!

We’ve piloted our software over the world with leading installers with advice and input from industry leaders like Nigel Morris and Danny Kennedy, solar experts and OpenSolar advisors, and we’re excited to now launch to the world’s solar community.

You may be wondering how we can afford to make it free.  As a company, we also offer bespoke paid software solutions for product companies like panel and battery manufacturers and finance companies, to help them better support their dealers.  If you are a product company and are interested in this as a service, please contact bespoke@opensolar.com - we’d be delighted to try to help you.

And this means we can provide the app for free to you, the retailers and installers – to help accelerate the success of solar professionals serving end-customers all over the world  - that’s our mission.