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Turnkey on-demand permitting from GreenLancer​

Reduce your soft costs through on-demand, customized permitting packages at prices that average 50% less than the average industry equivalent.

  • Made-to-order engineering services from GreenLancer, the leading provider of permitting packages

  • Order your permitting package straight from OpenSolar based on the design your customer just accepted - no manual entry, no separate workflow

  • Industry-leading turnaround time

  • Streamline your solar permitting process, save time, and reduce soft costs

Turnkey on-demand permitting from GreenLancer​ on OpenSolar

What our Pros have to say

david a.png

David | Black Platinum | Arizona, USA

"I like how OpenSolar is always trying to streamline our processes. For us, getting the permitting process moving fast is really critical. So when we sell a system on OpenSolar, it's great to be able to pump the design straight into Greenlancer. It's usually only two days and then we're submitting for permits."

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