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A World of Difference

I’m Lavinia and I am one of the original Openers based Down Under. My job at OpenSolar is to make sure all our team members have everything they need to be awesome.

I have one of the most diverse roles in our company. Here is how I spend my day. After the morning scramble of packing school lunches and locating a missing school shoe, I head to the home office with a hot cuppa. One of my favourite parts of my day is connecting with the ProX team in the US (across California, Miami, Texas) to get the latest feedback from our Pro users. This feedback is the lifeblood of our product. Their enthusiasm is contagious and I have accent envy. I can see the Aussie software team coming online for the daily global software standup meeting. Short, sharp, then back to designing & building. Today I learned we’ve had over 99.9% uptime over the last 12 months and we are gearing up to unveil 12 months of work building version 2.0. The other 90% was in a language I don’t understand. Up next is a product design and roadmap meeting. I don’t normally attend these but this is where some of the most important decisions are made. Every team shows up with lots of passion and ideas to contribute, which is not surprising considering that our team has a combined total of 176 years of solar experience, across solar sales, solar software, solar ops and finance, solar support and solar installation. It’s always a very lively debate.

We have four new commercial partners coming on board this month. I check in with the business development and partner management teams and we agree a plan for adding new product videos to the online proposal. We also celebrate adding another integrated loan product to the platform. Being across our commercial partner contracts is the bread and butter of my job. It is a delight to end the day with our company-wide Townhall. We have Openers dialing in from the US, Australia, UK, Portugal, Argentina, Spain and Brazil. I’m always amazed at the diversity of our team - we speak 10 languages and represent 13 nationalities!

Townhall is a chance for me to introduce and welcome our new team members to the OpenSolar family. It’s also an opportunity to share insights across the teams and countries. I learn that our European team have finished a refresh of utility rates and incentives across the EU, and have completed translations for our 8th language. Townhall always reminds me why our work matters, and how I am making a difference. And now the most pivotal decision of every day: what’s for dinner?

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