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Come meet our new features

Welcome to OS 2.5.0

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to share what we’ve built with your help.

Saving time and minimizing mistakes while working on your projects just got a lot simpler on OpenSolar! You can now easily define default contracts per payment types, apply a different contract on a per system x payment option basis, automatically archive discontinued finance products from your OS account with a click of a button and stay compliant with the latest 2022 CA consumer protection guide (*for CA solar professionals only).

We hope you enjoy these updates and are able to make use of them as best fits your business. Explore what your OpenSolar account can now do for you below!

Save time (and worries!) by setting default contracts per payment type for your customers. Say goodbye to manually applying contracts on each proposal based on what payment type your customer is quoted - now OpenSolar will automatically apply the right contract to the proposals. Moreover, you can also apply a different contract on each system and payment option combination quoted to your customer.

Please check our help center for a tour of this new feature.

For Australia and the United States only.

Finance providers' interest rates, fees, and terms are changing constantly in today’s market. Never miss a step and make sure all your proposals are presenting accurate, up-to-date and available finance products with our improved finance payment options refreshing functionality that auto-archives discontinued payment options from your OpenSolar account.

To ensure you’re always selling current, accurate finance products, go to Control > Pricing & Payments > Payment Options and click ‘Refresh’ on the appropriate finance partner.

In addition, consider checking out our help center for a tour of our bulk update functionality to ensure your existing projects are updated.

*Action Required - for CA solar professionals only

Stay compliant and minimize business operating risks by including the 2022 CA Consumer Protection Guide (CPG) in all of your appropriate CA contracts.

Please watch this 20 second video to ensure you have selected the 2022 CA CPG.

Other Enhancements

There are a wide range of other improvements for your use, available now. See the full release notes for more information.

As always, our focus is on your success. We’re very grateful for the feedback you provide, and I hope that you can see how much we listen to your needs, and constantly evolve our software to meet them. If you ever have any questions, please contact us at

Have a sunny day,


Product Manager, OpenSolar

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