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Embracing OpenDay: A Breath of Fresh Air and Sun at OpenSolar

In the crazy corporate world we live in, where deadlines always feel like they're breathing down my neck and burnout seems to be lurking around every corner, it's not often you come across a company that actually cares about me as a person. But OpenSolar isn't your average company – it's like a shining light in a sea of boring corporate stuff. They've got this cool thing called OpenDay where we get a whole day off to do whatever we want, and let me tell you, it's a total game-changer.

OpenDay, as the name suggests, is a day set aside each month where the entire team at OpenSolar is encouraged to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work life and bask in the joys of freedom. Falling on the second Friday of every month, OpenDay isn't just about catching up on sleep or running errands – it's about reconnecting with what truly matters: my family, nature, and personal well-being.

Picture this: instead of dreading the mountain of emails awaiting my attention, facing the pressure of a new release and trying to capture all the possible requirements, I wake up on OpenDay with a sense of excitement and anticipation. With no deadlines or meetings to attend, the day stretches out before me like a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with moments of joy and relaxation. I have a long weekend and I can do anything I want with it!

For me, OpenDay is a chance to spend quality time with my loved ones. Whether it's a leisurely breakfast with my sister, a picnic in the park, a chance to travel back to my mother’s house or a spontaneous day trip to explore new surroundings here in Portugal, OpenDay provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

OpenDay is also about reconnecting with nature and the great outdoors. In a world where screen time often takes precedence over fresh air and sunshine, OpenDay encourages me to step outside and embrace the beauty of the natural world. So that’s when I go for a morning run at the river, practice my surf (on a huge soft board!) or go for that one hike that I’ve never had time to plan in. Or I can simply hang around in the backyard with a good book. OpenDay reminds me to slow down and appreciate the world around me.

Perhaps most importantly, OpenDay serves as a stark contrast to the toxic culture that plagues many other companies. Instead of being treated like a mere COG in a machine or a number on a spreadsheet, I am valued as an individual with a life outside of work. By prioritizing work-life balance and fostering a culture of respect and appreciation, OpenSolar sets itself apart as a company that truly cares about the well-being of its team members.

In a world where the demands of work often overshadow personal well-being, OpenDay emerges as a moment of rejuvenation and balance by granting me the precious gift of time.

Through OpenDay, OpenSolar demonstrates a profound commitment to nurturing a culture where employees are valued not just for their productivity (because …honestly, we are super productive and efficient! But it is not all about that…), but for their holistic happiness and fulfillment. In embracing this monthly respite, we affirm our collective belief that life extends beyond the confines of the workplace, and that true success encompasses both professional achievements and personal well-being.

So here's to OpenDay – a day of liberation, connection, and self-care. May it continue to remind us of the importance of prioritizing moments of joy and rejuvenation amidst the rigors of daily life, and may its spirit of empowerment and appreciation resonate far beyond the walls of our company.

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