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Enjoy Premium Imagery with Total Flexibility

Ever feel like it’s impossible these days to just get in and get out when you need something without burning a hole in the wallet? Operating a successful solar business has never been remotely easy, and today there are even more monthly or annual subscriptions, lengthy contracts, expiring free trials, disclaimers and limitations than ever before. We get it, it ain’t easy, and it’s bad for business.

At OpenSolar, we take the ‘Open’ in our name seriously. For us, ‘Open’ means honesty, visibility, choice, flexibility. Solar professionals today are constantly battling with large overhead costs and a lack of control in a competitive and uncertain market.

Today, as a member of the OpenSolar product team, I’m very happy to say that we’ve taken a big step towards empowering solar professionals to win deals, save time and enjoy total flexibility when choosing high resolution premium Nearmap imagery and 3D data sets for their proposals.

OpenSolar has extended our offering to support pay-per-project functionality for purchasing high-quality Nearmap imagery and 3D data sets. This allows for quick-and-easy access to premium imagery through OpenSolar’s wallet functionality. We are introducing the pay-per-project feature which will allow you to purchase premium images on a per project basis while allowing OpenSolar Pros to benefit directly from OpenSolar’s high volume purchasing power and enjoy very competitive pricing. One of the key tenets that draws value in this feature is convenience since the solar pro is charged for what they use rather than having to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Pay-per-project Premium Imagery

As mentioned above, you can now purchase premium high-quality images on a per project basis.

  • OpenSolar Pros will have an OpenSolar Wallet in which they will be able to add funds and these funds will be directly spent on premium imagery.

  • The Admin has the capability to provide access to other Pros in the organization where they can give access to Pros depending on their role.

  • Additionally, a new control field is added to roles and permissions where the admin can give access to the Pros in the org by using the option of view, create, edit, delete.


Wallet is a new functionality that allows organizations to add funds on their org account that can be used in real time to purchase premium imagery on per project basis.

  • Admins have the capability to either top-up funds manually each time or use the auto top-up feature.

  • Additionally, Wallet Activity functionality will allow Pros to check the transaction details which includes the purchase details and top-up amount information.

  • With this Pros have the ability to filter the transactions and can download a CSV file for it.

If you’d like to learn more about accessing high-quality Nearmap aerial imagery on a pay-per-project basis on OpenSolar check out If you have any questions at all feel free to get in touch with us If you would like to get started with your free OpenSolar account, click here.

Have a sunny day!


Technical Product Specialist

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