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Enterprise Services

When Adam and I started OpenSolar, we set out to build the best technology solution we’d ever imagined - and make it free of charge to the solar professional (the Pro).  This idea of best and free remains our core principle today, helping us grow to become the world’s largest solar design, sales and project management platform, serving over 8,000 solar companies in 13 languages and 150+ countries.

Here I’d like to update you on where we’re at with our revenue model and Enterprise Services.

Over the last 6 years we’ve integrated services from over 130 partners globally into OpenSolar.   Now we can effectively help deliver the services that Pros need to scale their business efficiently and profitably - like marketing collateral, imagery, finance and hardware ordering - all within the Pro’s own existing daily toolkit.  Partner Services are an efficient way for major businesses, like distributors, OEMs, and lenders, to find and serve Pros across the OpenSolar community.  These partners sponsor the platform so it’s free to all Pros around the world.  I’ll pause here to say a huge thanks to all our partners, for the massive impact this has now on our industry and helping Pros profitably grow!

Over the last few years we’ve also increasingly heard from some really large Pros that they have highly specific enterprise needs such as custom implementations of our free API, premium training, completely unique customer proposals, faster and larger data throughput, and a variety of other services.  We’ve successfully helped lots of these large Pros in this way.  Now that we’ve really got this dialed, we’re formally launching Pro Services, so get in touch if you have any of these enterprise level needs.

Lastly, we’ve been testing and receiving loads of positive feedback from Pros and partners on our pilot of Marketing Services.  As Pros many of you travel miles and spend $$$ to visit conferences and events to make sure you’re in-the-know on the latest products and solutions.  Marketing Services brings the best product updates and offerings into the app, so you get a regular view of leading new technologies to be aware of and try out - and on the flip side, Marketing Services helps solar brands connect with the thousands of Pros on the front line of solar out there making the difference. 

So that’s it.  We’ve pulled all these Enterprise Services together here on our site, so feel free to take a look and see if there’s anything above and beyond we can do to help you.  And of course, the core best and free principle remains, for the thousands of Pros out there driving the shift to clean energy.

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