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Everyone Should Participate in the Transition to Solar

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

In just five short years since launch, OpenSolar has become the world’s number one choice by solar professionals for system design and selling. As a mission-driven company, it’s incumbent upon us to share some of our success with underserved communities whose lives can also benefit from the transition to clean, reliable solar energy.

That’s why OpenSolar is committing 1% of our annual revenues to projects that provide solar energy to vulnerable communities worldwide.

We will be working with Empowered by Light, our non-profit partner, to carry out these projects. Each year, we will choose a collection of projects to install solar and storage technologies for vulnerable communities and people living on the front lines of climate change.

For 2023, we have chosen the villages of Undi and Chutika in southern Zambia, where people walk between 200 and 600 feet per trip multiple times a day to collect water from the river for crop irrigation, sanitation, and drinking.

This burden severely limits crop yield and quality of life, and continually exposes community members to dangerous encounters with crocodiles and hippos.

With our 1% Commitment, we are installing solar-powered water pumps, irrigation and storage facilities in order to create a safer and more prosperous environment for the people of Undi and Chutika. This video lays out the problem we’re addressing, and the impact we expect it will have.

Indeed, the impact that the solar industry can have on communities like this is profound, which is why we are inviting our partners and our solar installer community to participate in our 2023 project!

To our esteemed partners, we invite you to contribute to the solar electrification of the two schools and health clinics at Undi and Chutika. Your donations in money and/or hardware will be deployed by Empowered by Light, and content will be produced from those deployments that you in turn can use to communicate with your stakeholders.

To our solar installer community, we invite you to donate just US$10/month to Empowered by Light. In return, you will receive a compelling new exhibit in all of your solar proposals that shows your customers that you’re a company that cares, thus building your brand and improving your sales conversion.

Here’s just some of the great content that your customers will see in your proposals:

As the world accelerates its transition to solar energy, we believe that nobody should be left behind. That’s why you’ll see our 1% commitment grow and grow to support communities all over the world in the years to come. Please join us.

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