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Heading home from COP26

As I reflect on a hectic three days at COP, my read is that there were actually two conferences going on in Glasgow: one for politicians, and another (across >100 venues across the city) for the entrepreneurs.

On the former, I think we’ll see the politicians fail to take sufficient and current action for the 26th time, and I could be wrong but I’m not seeing the end of fossil fuel subsidies any time soon - they just can’t grasp the obvious cleaner, cheaper, better path.

But we can win because we have the latter group - the entrepreneurs, the fighters, the folks working their buts off every day to get us there. I take hope in the immense and diverse power of the thousands of small businesses solving the problems, out-competing the big bad guys and changing the future. There are just so many passionate entrepreneurs doing so much just under the radar from the COP media coverage, and it felt great to be part of that, launching 2.0 as one of those innovations. Innovations that can create meaningful change - and doing that from right here in Scotland on behalf of our amazing OpenSolar team! Was awesome!

Thanks for all of you that attended our 2.0 launch, from all over the world - the solar professionals, the solar heroes. I hope you liked the new features and integrations! And there’s more to come.

We can still win! We’re gonna win, just in time to solve climate I hope! Here’s my quick clip across the water from the politicos conference, as I take leave of Scotland till the next time...

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