Making it easy for customers will help grow your business and our industry

As we all know, getting solar can be hard. Comparing products can be complex. Installations can be complicated. And cost continues to be a major barrier. Our research shows that one in three Aussies without solar have not yet installed it because they believe it’s too expensive.

To help homeowners make the switch to solar we need to make it as simple and easy as possible.

We can do this by removing two key barriers, the large upfront cost and the complexity of installing solar.

This is why I started Brighte.

In 2009, our family installed solar and soon after started seeing energy bill savings of up to 50%. I wanted these benefits available to everyone. But back then, solar was expensive and finance options were limited, putting solar out of reach for many households.

By speaking with solar retailers, I heard what their problems were and saw a gap in the market for fast and affordable point of sale finance. I was determined to solve the accessibility issue so the benefits of solar could be experienced by more households. I was so committed to this goal, I eventually left my day job, remortgaged our home and went all in on building Brighte.

Fast forward to today and we are at a unique tipping point. The energy market is transitioning and it is companies like Brighte and OpenSolar that are at the forefront of this big change. We’re on the brink of a solar surge, with more Aussies looking for ways to lower their bills and their impact on the planet.

Finance is even more important today with family budgets under pressure on many fronts.

Brighte’s no interest payment plan solves the affordability issue by allowing customers to split the large upfront cost into more manageable payments to be paid over time.

When it comes to addressing complexity, companies like Brighte and OpenSolar are there to support customers to ensure that they are equipped with adequate information to make informed decisions.

We do this by sharing knowledge with our vendors.

Having been a part of the solar sector for almost a decade now, our talented team has accumulated a deep knowledge of the industry and we have shared our expertise and insights to ensure that our vendors’ business thrives.

We have recently created a number of comprehensive guides featuring content on rebates and finance tips, to help our vendors meet the growing solar demand and to weather the economic storm ahead.

And as more households consider installing solar, Brighte and OpenSolar will continue to support both customers and vendors.

Together Brighte and OpenSolar are streamlining and simplifying the entire solar process for homeowners and installers.

The result is more deals, more jobs, more solar - and a better planet.

*Fees, terms, conditions and lending criteria apply

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