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Marketing Services: Bridging the gap between solar professionals and leading brands

Marketing Services on OpenSolar

Since its inception, OpenSolar has been committed to connecting partners and solar professionals (Pros) for their mutual benefit, and ultimately the benefit of our shared planet.  And the recent launch of our Marketing Services proposition at the end of last year has been no different.  

With over 23,000 solar Pros across the world, actively using OpenSolar as their design, sales, and project management software, our audience is unique and concentrated.  Add to that our partnerships with world class solar brands and well, we thought, giving them space on our platform to talk directly to Pros felt like a no brainer.

We developed a tiered offering to reflect partner budget and objectives - this can then be flexed by category and by country, offering the opportunity for partners to have a really targeted campaign in a new market or giving them global exposure and plenty of opportunities to promote their brand.

But before you sigh ‘oh another ad’ - we promise you three things.  Firstly, we will never serve you an ad that isn’t relevant to you and your industry.  Secondly, we will never share your personal data without your express consent - never have, never will.  And thirdly, we will continue to use the Partner investment in Marketing Services and similar initiatives to keep OpenSolar free for Pros whilst continually improving user experience.

Our goal is and has always been to create an environment online where partners and Pros can interact in real time, and we have some really exciting features launching in the future.  But in the meantime - go on, join the webinar, read the email, give the ads a click - you’ll be one of the first to find out about new products, unlock new features, and access exclusive price promotions.

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