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Offset the effects of NEM3.0 with SolarApp+ automated permitting

With the news of NEM 3.0 legislation in CA we have a seriously negative hit to the economics of solar in the largest US market - just when we should be ramping up under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Here’s an important solution for all US installers to be aware of: SolarAPP+. SolarAPP is the new national standard digital permitting process that automates permitting, saving you thousands of dollars per install in cities that have adopted, so you can maintain the economics to the customer and build margins. We need this across the US now to de-risk net metering.

The legends at CALSSA just released this great 2 pager summarizing the new CA legislation - signed into law in 2022 - with what you can do as an installer to sign up.

  • Register for an account and get started.

  • Not a California resident? You can bring SolarAPP+ to your jurisdiction for free.

  • If it’s not yet available in your community, you can contact your elected officials to ask for its implementation (it’s free!).

California cities have until September this year to adopt SolarAPP (smaller <50,000 resident cities have an extra year), so this can help many CA businesses lower their cost base in 2023 just as NEM 3.0 rolls out.

CALSSA estimate $1-5k savings per project, but I started SolarAPP+ 5 years ago because I’ve seen lower project costs in the $10,000s from automating permitting in multiple other countries! I think this will get the cost base to well under $2 per watt in the US. And I passionately believe we deserve this easy, low-cost, fast process to make growing your install business easier. Now’s the time to make it happen! You won't even need net metering anymore.

IRA + SolarAPP + OpenSolar = Massive sustainable growth for US solar.

Please join CALSSA and support them with your membership dollars to help them help your city migrate quickly to help you benefit:

Curious to learn more about how to navigate NEM3 and win? Join our upcoming live webinars to see OpenSolar's leading NEM3 and battery modeling functionality up close with our partners.

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