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Sustainable Solutions to Climate Anxiety

Cate Blanchett and I made the Audible original podcast "Climate of Change" to bring people a little hope in the face of the climate crisis. We know from brain science studies that the climate communications "stream" that we get in our social media and mainstream press literally shuts down people's neocortex or frontal brain.

When humans are faced with an overwhelming threat, their reptilian brains and limbic systems kick into action. These bits of the brain control our fight or flight response and can throw us into panic.

In order to respond to climate change, we need to tap into the creative parts of our brains. All of the messaging about doom and destruction is disabling our creative minds and keeping us paralyzed.

With that being said, we humans are poorly-built to deal with the slow burn of this climate emergency. What we know about communications and taking action in the face of an existential threat is that a steady, empowering message instills a desire and ability to act even more than scaring people with a problem.

Which is why I am such a big fan of OpenSolar. It makes the benefits of going solar easy to access - for contractors and customers alike - and makes it easy for them to take action as part of this solution strategy. As the climate crisis grows - and sadly it will - the average householder will be looking for things to do to avert this problem and take collective action.

Leaning into solar as a climate solution is some of the best sales and marketing work a contractor can do. OpenSolar's platform makes it easy to do that by offering the tools and resources installers need to do their part to solve the climate crisis.

Shine on!

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