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Top Tips for 3D Design and Digital Sales Toolkit

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

There's a ton of buzz in the solar software world these days and we want to make sure we're making it easy for you to take advantage of OpenSolar's most valuable features. Below are helpful resources to help you get the most from our flagship automated 3D design and shade analysis, digital sales toolkit, and business management functionality.

“I can do 3D designs in minutes, sell on an iPad in home or via screen-share on phone with the most beautiful proposal on the market - and it’s all totally free!” — CASEY, LAIBACH SOLAR (CA)

Automated 3D Design and Shade Analysis

Simple 3-step process - More accuracy in less time.

1. Toggle on 'Activate OpenSolar 3D' 2. Select '+' Panel Groups and paint on solar panels 3. Under 'Shading', evaluate various auto-calculated shading values

Digital Sales Toolkit Tips

Solutions whenever and wherever you need them.

Below are a few of your OpenSolar Team's top tips and best practices!

1. Walk clients through the interactive proposal and design via screenshare on iPad or desktop 2. One-click call, email or text your customer for quick contact right from the mobile app 3. Compare multi-option online sales proposals in MyEnergy, for mobile, iPad or desktop

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