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Upgrading to the New Google Solar API

OpenSolar has been designed from the very start to work with Google image data. When we created the platform, we harnessed Google’s Project Sunroof free beta which has provided fantastic value to OpenSolar and to the solar professionals we serve around the world.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that OpenSolar is upgrading to the all-new Google Solar API. This new and improved dataset from the Google Maps Platform provides higher quality 3D models, plus imagery that is higher resolution and more recent. Geographical coverage is also greatly expanded.

Effective today, all of your new projects created on OpenSolar will default to the new Google Solar API. For all of your projects created before October 25, they will continue to load in your OpenSolar account as usual until 30th October, but please be aware that you will need to realign your solar designs to use the new data if they are still live after 30th October when the old imagery will no longer be available. Slight adjustments to panel positioning may be required due to slight differences in the improved 3D models that are now available.

The Google Solar API that is now the default imagery option on OpenSolar will continue to improve over the coming months. The people at Google have been fantastic partners for OpenSolar and we look forward to continuing our great work together to continuously improve your experience on OpenSolar.

Finally, please note that Google 3D legacy imagery will no longer be available from November 1st 2023.

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