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What’s This? Has Birchy Gone Numbers Crazy?

Today it feels that way, because in the three years since our inception and launch, we just reached the 100,000th sale achieved by solar professionals on our platform. From the very beginning of our company we’ve believed that class-leading, white labeled design and proposal software should be 100% free to the solar installer, so that their businesses can grow unimpeded. So you can imagine what this milestone means to Adam and I, and everyone at OpenSolar.

That’s not the only milestone we just reached either. Collectively, solar installers on our platform have just exceeded an annual run rate of $1 billion in sales! That’s 1000’s of solar pros in 120+ countries hammering out accurate designs and beautiful, interactive customer proposals, many of them running their businesses on OpenSolar. A lot of our crew have worked in solar sales and operations (207 years of combined solar experience and counting), and we feel grateful and more than a bit starstruck when we serve these solar heroes every day.

Thanks a million to solar professionals around the world, and a special thanks to our partners, all of the suppliers, manufacturers, permit providers and finance companies who allow us to support solar professionals everywhere with no licensing or subscription fees, no per design fees, no seat limits, no design caps, and no contracts.

I’m known by some folks as “Uncle Numbers”, affectionately I like to think. And so I’ll be back with more beautiful numbers soon!

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