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Additional Disclosure From OpenSolar

This sales proposal has been prepared using tools or applications available from and is subject to the terms set out in the User Agreement. We suggest you review the terms of the User Agreement and our Privacy Policy.

Capitalised terms here have the same meaning as under the User Agreement, you means the individual (who is not also a User) who has received this sales proposal and OpenSolar / we / us / our means OpenSolar Pty Ltd ACN 621 679 632. Under the User Agreement, the User (which could be an installer, service provider, electrician etc who has provided you, the end customer, this sales proposal) has an obligation to obtain consent from its customers or clients to upload their User Content to the OpenSolar Site and warrants that they have explained to those customers or clients how their User Content may be used pursuant to the User Agreement.

Any tools, calculators, design platforms, results and output produced by the OpenSolar Sites (including this sales proposal) are estimates only, and we do not guarantee that these estimates will match actual measurements taken at a given site. We do not guarantee the accuracy or suitability of any engineering designs or plan-sets or customer proposals produced by the OpenSolar Sites, and no tool on or part of the OpenSolar Site shall be deemed a substitute for an actual in-person analysis conducted at a given site.

We make no representation, promise, guarantee or warranty about any cost savings, energy consumption savings or return on investment of any engineering designs or plan-sets or customer proposals produced by the OpenSolar Sites.

OpenSolar is not a party to any contract or agreement that you (as a customer) may have with a User or between Users.
The above statement does not apply to the CEC Approved Retailer (in Australia only) responsible for the sale of the solar PV system.

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