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Intelligent equipment matching, stock availability and ordering for all your projects available now to UK Installers.

The world’s leading design and proposal software, meets the UK’s leading renewables distributor.  The Segen and OpenSolar integration means you can now create the most accurate solar designs and proposals available, with intelligent equipment matching, stock availability and ordering directly from your OpenSolar projects.

  • Intelligently suggests inverters and battery sizes based on the design created and manufacturers’ specified capabilities

  • Automatically calculates the exact solar, mounting, storage and other components you’ll need for each of your designs

  • Seamlessly builds an accurate Bill of Materials (BoM) in Segen’s Quick Quote, ready to order with your applied discount, next day if you want!

  • Ensures up-to-the-minute new equipment additions and stock availability 

  • Ensures the most efficient ordering and inventory of your solar system components, thereby improving cashflow 


Already have a Segen account?

*Please make sure you are the Admin for your organisation before creating your company OpenSolar account as only one OpenSolar account can be integrated with one Segen account.  Once your company account is set up, it’s the responsibility of the Admin to add your team members to the account and enable the Segen integration under Control > Other > Integrations & API Keys > Enable Segen.  

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Quick overview of Segen & OpenSolar partnership

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What our Pros have to say

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Richard | JPS Renewable Energy | Rochester, England

‘’Our customers love the interactive proposals OpenSolar produces, providing them with comprehensive information on energy generation and system paybacks.

We’re delighted that we finally have a design tool that matches our desire to provide a personalised service to our clients and manage the whole process from design to installation, end to end.’’

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Segen is the largest solar PV, energy storage system and EV charging solution distributor in the UK. Offering the largest portfolio of products from the worlds leading manufacturers. Operating via it's online portal Segen offers full access to product information, ordering and stock checking facilities and system design tools 24/7. Learn more at

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