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Person on a laptop looking at a list of quantity and Cost of Goods Sold for a solar design project.

Features > Automated Bill of Materials

Automatically calculate and order all racking components for your projects 

Exclusively available from IronRidge and OpenSolar, you can now save valuable time and money by ordering exactly what you need for every design you sell:

  • Automatically calculate exact racking and mounting components you’ll need for each of your designs

  • Seamlessly build an accurate Bill of Materials (BOM) in IronRidge’s Design Assistant, ready to order

  • Eliminate the potential for error when specifying the IronRidge BOM

  • Ensure the most efficient ordering and inventory of racking and mounting equipment, thereby improving cash flow 

  • Increase speed to install by ensuring equipment is ordered, in stock and ready to go

OpenSolar has joined forces with IronRidge


About IronRidge:


IronRidge has designed and manufactured structural hardware for residential and commercial solar system for over 25 years, working closely with solar professionals to build strong, simple, and cost-effective products

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