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Great designs and proposals work better connected to a CRM

Use our built-in CRM to manage your customers and business. Or, if you love the CRM you’re using today, you can connect it with OpenSolar via our API.


  • Manage all of your leads, contacts, and projects in one place

  • One-click call, message or email your contacts

  • Digital calendars and scheduling to connect seamlessly with customers and team members

  • Manage projects, tasks, and team members efficiently with tailored assignment and permissions features 

  • Complete digital contracting, e-signature, and payment processing solution

OpenSolar Built-In CRM free of charge

Streamline your business operation and workflows your way

Nobody knows how to run your business better than you do.  So we've designed a flexible CRM that you can make your own to grow your business profitably.

  • Set custom pricing schemes, profit margins, and payment options that work best for you

  • Totally white labeled experience  - embed your own branding, systems, content, collateral directly within OpenSolar

  • Centralized repository for all project-related files and notes

  • Create your desired workflows and project tracking with custom project management functionality

OpenSolar Built-In CRM with customized workflow

What our Pros have to say

Jessa Gray_Headshot.png

Jessa | Solaria | Seattle, USA

“For many of our installers, they're looking for a really simple, end-to-end workflow. So one of the main reasons we recommend OpenSolar to them is because there's a fully featured, built-in CRM with lead importing, team collaboration tools and super easy access to designs and proposals. When we tell our installers it's all free, they don't believe us at first!”