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Great designs and proposals work better connected to a CRM

Use our built-in CRM to manage your customers and business. Or, if you love the CRM you’re using today, you can connect it with OpenSolar via our API.


  • Manage all of your leads, contacts, and projects in one place

  • One-click call, message or email your contacts

  • Digital calendars and scheduling to connect seamlessly with customers and team members

  • Manage projects, tasks, and team members efficiently with tailored assignment and permissions features 

  • Complete digital contracting, e-signature, and payment processing solution

OpenSolar Built-In CRM free of charge

Streamline your business operation and workflows your way

Nobody knows how to run your business better than you do.  So we've designed a flexible CRM that you can make your own to grow your business profitably.

  • Set custom pricing schemes, profit margins, and payment options that work best for you

  • Totally white labeled experience  - embed your own branding, systems, content, collateral directly within OpenSolar

  • Centralized repository for all project-related files and notes

  • Create your desired workflows and project tracking with custom project management functionality

OpenSolar Built-In CRM with customized workflow

Looking for more?

Connect with one of our experts to explore custom features and assistance with more complex systems.

What our Pros have to say

Jessa Gray_Headshot.png

Jessa | Solaria | Seattle, USA

“For many of our installers, they're looking for a really simple, end-to-end workflow. So one of the main reasons we recommend OpenSolar to them is because there's a fully featured, built-in CRM with lead importing, team collaboration tools and super easy access to designs and proposals. When we tell our installers it's all free, they don't believe us at first!”

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