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Partner Services
For Enterprises Selling to Solar Contractors

We offer deep integrations onto the OpenSolar platform for hardware distributors, solar lenders and other service providers, in order to support the solar contractor in their daily workflow - designing, selling, project managing and collecting payment.

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Hardware Distributor Integrations

Our hardware distributor partners understand that they must create the easiest, fastest and most accurate hardware ordering experience available for their solar contractor customers.  That’s why they took advantage of OpenSolar’s hardware catalog integration capability.  Now their contractors can create a hardware order straight from the systems they’ve sold right on OpenSolar, eliminating the need to transfer data from their design platform to their distributor.  What’s more, they can provide real-time pricing and stock availability as their contractors are designing systems on OpenSolar, thereby ensuring systems are only designed and sold using kit at an acceptable price and that’s in stock.


This service is available for major distributors with sophisticated e-commerce software that they wish to see integrated onto OpenSolar, gaining access to the largest solar contractor network in the world.

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Solar Lender Integrations

Our solar lender partners have a vast array of competitive loan products that broaden the appeal of solar and storage to more homeowners and business owners.  They use the lender integration capability on OpenSolar to seamlessly integrate their products into customer proposals, with automatically calculated payments for their customers.  Applying for finance right from the proposal creates higher sales conversion for the lender and reduces customer support and account management overheads.


This service is available to major solar lenders who wish to integrate their products onto OpenSolar, gaining access to the largest solar contractor network in the world.

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Other Strategic Integrations

For major high-profile enterprises, we can provide other custom implementations and strategic uses of our globally available technology.


These services are for large enterprises requiring a strategic implementation of our technology.

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