OpenSolar Exclusive Deals of the Month, from Solar Outlet

November 30, 2023
OpenSolar Exclusive Deals of the Month from Solar Outlet

After we announced our integration partnership with OpenSolar, we saw a fantastic response from Aussie solar professionals. I think what they liked the most was being able to grab all the hardware data from their sold projects on OpenSolar and immediately turn it into an order on Solar Outlet. This avoids all the hassle of putting down one tool, opening another, and manually transferring the data across, which can take ages.

We’ve been really happy with the initial uptake. So happy in fact that today we’re announcing an OpenSolar Exclusive Deals of the Month Program. Every month we’ll offer something to OpenSolar Pros that they can’t get anywhere else, including on Solar Outlet. All OpenSolar Pros have to do to get the deal is log in to their OpenSolar account and go to Hardware.

To kick things off, the first OpenSolar Exclusive Deal of the Month is on the Longi 430W all-back panel. The exclusive special price is 11% cheaper than our standard price, and 3% cheaper than even our sale price on Solar Outlet. We can offer this for the same reason that’s driving so many Aussie Pros to use this integration – it saves us all time and money.

To unlock this exclusive price, log in to the LONGi 430W order page in your OpenSolar account, follow the queue to register with Solar Outlet, and the team should activate your account and reveal the price soon thereafter.

We’ve got some great deals coming up every month but they’re all going to be limited time offers, so be sure to watch your OpenSolar account closely. Thanks for your continued support!