The Segen journey is only the start of a great adventure

June 9, 2022

The feeling of today is the same as reaching the top of a high mountain after a long hike: today the Segen / OpenSolar integration is finally live.

The initial point has always been clear: offer Pros the possibility to harness OpenSolar’s capabilities, now coupled with intelligent equipment matching and stock availability from Segen, their supplier of choice.

The first installers we introduced it to were captivated by OpenSolar and the beautiful proposals they could generate, combined with the immense value of having their Segen account connected through API on OpenSolar. Seeing their pricing, monitoring all their customers’ journeys, and sending the quotes to Segen automatically on the same platform was just what they were looking for.

We started with this in mind but then added a bunch of amazing features to accommodate additional requests from UK solar installers. For example, MCS requirements, panel/inverter improved functionality, the additional components to add on the quotes… and so much more! We worked on a day (and night!) basis to get this shiny new product to market.

During the journey, it was incredible to see how all the people cooperated to shape the best user experience. Time for shout outs!

Thanks to:

  • the Segen team with continuous and caring engagement with the project
  • the account managers with the promotion to their installers
  • the Segen development team and the MadPandas (amazing devs!) for aligning with Adam Pryor and his development team in Australia
  • the solar pros with their weekly feedback sessions and their feature requests
  • the manufacturers who dedicated their teams to understand the best possible cooperation up to the point of integrating their technical softwares
  • and, of course my beautiful colleagues, the OpenSolar teams from all over the world that were so dedicated to the project.

We could not have arrived at this point without this team effort.

Working with Segen also gave me so much confidence in a world where female leaders like Liz MacFarlane are leading the change. It made me feel like “I wanna be there one day!”

I am very satisfied with tackling a market need that is a win-win for manufacturers, installers, and customers. I’m confident that UK solar installers will appreciate the technological, dynamic, and professional proposal. Being able to convert their leads into customers is invaluable to installers. Hence, the adoption of OpenSolar in the UK has been very high during the last months.

Thinking about it, it is an honor to see that Segen, the biggest distributor in the UK, chose OpenSolar to lead the technological revolution of their software capability and it’s a privilege to know that this is only the start of the adventure.