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High resolution imagery from Nearmap, available on OpenSolar on a pay-per-project basis

3D and 2D imagery on OpenSolar is and always has been free.


But for some projects, solar professionals want to take it to the next level.

Now you can both choose and control how you access and pay for your high resolution Nearmap imagery to deliver accurate, exceptional proposals.

Some of the benefits include:


  • Easily plug Nearmap directly into your proposals that are best suited to high definition imagery

  • Flexible pay-per-project payment option for optimal cost control of your premium imagery 

  • Direct access to Nearmap Vertical Imagery and 3D data (where available), including historicals

  • Benefit directly from our bulk pricing and pay less than you otherwise would for high resolution imagery:

              AU $6.00 inc GST
              NZ $7.00 inc GST
              US $3.50 + tax