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Manage your projects and workflows easily with custom roles, teams, and collaboration tools

Create a totally customized workflow based on how you manage your teams and structure your business.

  • Create custom roles and choose who in your team can view, create, edit, and/or delete fields and details across the Control and Projects zones

  • Create a Design Request queue to assign tasks and improve workflows between designers and salespeople

  • Improve communication and project management by assigning and tagging team members and partners on tasks and activities

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What our Pros have to say


Jeff | Solar Energy Solutions | Lexington KY, USA

"The design platform we used before only had "admin/non-admin", which meant that we had zero flexibility as our team grew and we created more specialized roles at the company.

Now that we're on OpenSolar, we get total control over who sees what and who's able to modify designs and proposals.  It's way easier and much better for quality control."

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