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Pro Services
Enterprise Grade Solutions for Large Solar Contractors

Over the last few years, more and more large solar businesses have asked for dedicated and custom built solutions. Pro Services adds new enterprise grade services for a fee, to meet large solar companies’ needs.


Enterprise Support

We will provide you with an experienced and dedicated Account Manager.  This go-to person will act as your main point of contact for your account, and will be available in business hours for support questions, custom training, and ongoing account provisioning.  Your Account Manager will escalate any urgent issues to top management at OpenSolar to ensure timely resolution and follow up.

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API Technical Support

CRM Integrations - if you wish to integrate OpenSolar with your existing CRM or lead management system, we will provide upfront and ongoing technical configuration support.  You will be guided on our API by OpenSolar software engineers in order to ensure that your implementation works correctly and reliably. 

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Fully Customized Proposal

For larger solar pros who want a completely unique customer proposal, we can build whatever you need that makes you truly stand out from your competition.  Powered behind the scenes by the same accurate solar design, savings and carbon offset calculations, our fully customized proposal can support your brand identity, colors, fonts and other unique company assets.  Sit down with our designers to get the exact look and content you’re going for.

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Enterprise Infrastructure

If you have procured multiple Pro Services, your OpenSolar account will automatically be provisioned with the appropriate Infrastructure.  This includes a faster and higher number of webhooks which enable quicker transfer of data between your own apps and OpenSolar, and an increased throttling quota to support very heavy workloads on OpenSolar.  This prevents the need to optimize performance of your own systems.  Also included are SMS Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and the potential for Single Sign On (SSO) integration.

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Custom Forms

We can create custom forms for multiple stages of your workflow.  Simply specify the information you want to capture, and we will build custom forms that ensure your teams can record and access data that’s specific to how you operate.  Custom forms allow you to customize the information you collect and generate such as:

  1. Customer information

  2. Project Management

  3. Electricity Usage

  4. Customer documentation eg policy documents

  5. Customer contracts


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Custom Sales Content

If you're an enterprise level solar company that has developed your own products and services, we can include custom sales content that is automatically embedded into all your customer proposals, in highly prominent "showcase" areas.

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Ultra High Volume Designs

If you're a national or international operator generating many thousands of designs per month, we can create the most cost-effective solution for you to ensure that your operations continue uninterrupted.

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in partnership with


EPC Dealer Network Access

We can connect you to EPCs if you're a specialist sales company, and vice versa.  Our extensive network of solar companies, large and small, across the world helps you stay nimble and makes sure your business and its resources are fully utilized, operating in the capacity and location that best suits you.

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If you are looking for a combination of the above services, and/or you need something bespoke to boost your business, you can connect with our product team to discuss your requirements.


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What the Pros have to say


Aaron | Executive Vice President | CITADEL Roofing & Solar

Signing on for a personal account manager bundle has been a no-brainer for our company. Although OpenSolar's platform is a breeze to use from a design & sales perspective, our back-office needs are comprehensive. Having a direct line for ongoing support has taken away that stress and allows our team to focus on sales.

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