Using the OpenSolar design and solar business management tool made panel placement easier than ever and saved an incredible amount of admin time, covering the end-to-end customer process. It’s simple, intuitive and free – this could be a total game changer for the industry
— LG Dealer, Graham Bidgood, Queensland, Australia

OpenSolar automated our sales process completely, and helped our sales people close more sales in way less time!
— Koji, Solar Philippines, Manila

OpenSolar has been a great step in the right direction. It has allowed us to reduce our quoting time but also provide accurate and detailed information to our customers. One thing we like about the platform is that it is easy for the customers to understand and compare the options they are presented with and their future expectations. The proposal shows the information to the customer in an easy to understand, visual way and I can add more in-depth graphs if I feel that my customer would prefer that. It has helped me sell more high-quality systems due to the easy comparison functionality for multiple system options
— Logan Haggerston, HCB Solar, New South Wales, Australia

Australia has some of the greatest solar resources the world over, so it makes sense to partner with a leading solar system design developer – OpenSolar.

LG Solar has a 75 strong partner network who will benefit from providing end customers with the key solar data to help make an informed decision and choose a quality solution
— LG General Manager Solar and Energy, Markus Lambert