Bespoke Proposals


For product manufacturers and finance providers, we offer a service we call ‘Bespoke Proposals”.  This is a paid service where we can create premium, personalized, branded content to tailor proposals for your dealers – to help them better sell your products and services.

For example if you are a:

  • solar panel company

  • inverter company

  • mounting company

  • battery company

  • solar finance company

  • or other service provider serving the needs of your installers/retailers/dealers

then we can help you increase sales and shape the sales experience for your products. 

We can help you create beautiful proposals that you can make available to your dealers, with co-branding options, video collateral, color scheme selection, education tools, images, spec sheets and marketing collateral – all with full live real-time control for your marketing team to update as they need, all through our app.

We can also arrange video training sessions for your dealers to help you help them to sell more.

If you are interested, please contact

 We look forward to helping you wherever you are in the world 

Thanks and regards,

The Bespoke Proposals Team at OpenSolar